Panzer Kunst pro

Alita is no stranger to advanced fighting styles. Though her cyborg bodies give her some advantage in and out of the Motorball stadium, her true skills come from her mastery of Panzer Kunst. You could say she puts the “art” in “martial arts.”

This Alita Hunter Warrior T-shirt allows you to express your inner warrior. Though it doesn’t come with any cybernetic upgrades, it does feature Alita’s likeness on it. But then again, if you can tap into just a little bit of her strength, you should be able to handle anything that Nova throws at you. Well, almost anything. We’re running away from anything with chainsaw hands.

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Peter Pan Scenes Mini Backpack

Bring Disney magic on every adventure! This Peter Pan Scenes Mini Backpack is made of faux leather, with printed details. It measures approximately 9-inches x 10-inches x 4 1/2-inches.

ThinkGeek 20th Anniversary T-Shirt

Remember when we used to feed our spokesmonkey strained bananas? We do, and it seems like yesterday, but this year we are celebrating Timmy’s 20th birthday! What better way to celebrate than with a cool T-shirt? What… with a banana cream cake you say? Ok that would be awesome too, but we don’t know how to ship that (or make it, let’s be honest) so we’re gonna go with this tee.

Marvel Captain America Shield Polo

Think polos aren’t your style? Think again! Fashion evolves, and so should the clothes in your closet. Sticking to tees just because they’re super comfy and amazing and stylish doesn’t mean that you can’t evolve your tastes into the realm of business casual. Just ask the Captain – he updated his wardrobe to twenty-first century standards and America is EXTREMELY grateful. So, try new things and be like Captain America.