A wallet for a dark (k)night

Walking the streets of Gotham can be pretty dangerous. There’s random violence during the day, and supervillains at night. If only there was a way to strap a bat signal to all our possessions – we’d feel a lot safer. Oh wait! Look at this.

This Batman front pocket wallet is perfect for daily use, but if you ever get in trouble on the streets of Gotham, the Batman symbol on the front will hopefully catch the eye of a friendly vigilante. You know what, maybe it’s just time to move. Metropolis is looking pretty good right now. Or maybe Gateway City.  

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Harry Potter Daily Prophet Organizer Wrap

Hey fellow wizards and witches. Where do you put your wand when you need to use your hands for other things? We’ve tried our pants pockets only to accidentally sit on it or wash our wand in the washing machine. And trust us, wands aren’t cheap! If only there was something to keep our wand safe.  

Black Lattice Skull Wallet

Keep your everyday life on the dangerous side. Because nobody questions you when you have a fancy skull on your wallet (or in it). Though you probably shouldn’t carry around a skull in your wallet… it’ll stretch the fabric.

Super Mario Warp Pipe Crew Socks

We don’t usually associate comfort with traveling down warp pipes, but maybe it’s time for that to change. Thanks to Bioworld, we’ve encountered a new type of warp pipe. But instead of taking us somewhere creepy with a bunch of floating coins, it’s taking our feet to Sky Land.