A wallet for a dark (k)night

Walking the streets of Gotham can be pretty dangerous. There’s random violence during the day, and supervillains at night. If only there was a way to strap a bat signal to all our possessions – we’d feel a lot safer. Oh wait! Look at this.

This Batman front pocket wallet is perfect for daily use, but if you ever get in trouble on the streets of Gotham, the Batman symbol on the front will hopefully catch the eye of a friendly vigilante. You know what, maybe it’s just time to move. Metropolis is looking pretty good right now. Or maybe Gateway City.  

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Harry Potter Jewelry Set

Just got your acceptance letter to Hogwarts? Good. Here are some essentials to add to your school supplies list: one owl necklace carrying a letter, two letter earrings, and one compact mirror. Well look at that… it’s all right here. This Harry Potter jewelry set is perfect for going back to school, or when you want to flaunt that you got an acceptance letter when your muggle friends didn’t.

Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Glass

Don’t worry about keeping one of your glasses empty for fetch quests – this one is meant to be filled. While you can go with the traditional Lon Lon Milk, Chateau Romani, or potions, we’d recommend not to pour Chuchu jelly in here. Mostly because we’re not quite sure what it is.

Pokémon Team Rocket 3-Pack Earrings Set

Oh boy, now that’s an introductory speech with so many real-world applications! Debate Club? Prepare for trouble! Presentation at work? Make it double! Meddling kids keeping a super special Pikachu from you? Well, yeah, of course. Obviously.