Who says jewelry can’t be both practical and fashionable? Kimoyo beads may be new to us, but the Wakandans have been using this technology for years. If only we could make the rest of our jewelry this useful. Our college ring just sits there… do something! (Besides reminding of us of our student debt!)

Support the nation of Wakanda with this Black Panther Kimoyo Beads Bracelet. Since we’re trying to preserve Vibranium, we’ve chosen to sell these bracelets because they’re made of resin. But let’s be honest, who can be trusted to be responsible with a functioning Kimoyo beads bracelets? Not us. We’d project holographic versions of us at work, so we could go hang out with Timmy.

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Back to the Future Marty McFly Hat Prop Replica

According to the blockbuster Back to the Future movie series, the year 2015 brings many advancements – everything from hoverboards to self-drying jackets – and Marty McFly Jr.’s signature color-changing cap! Reproduced in every detail, this one-size-fits-all wearable prop replica features ultra-refractive fabrics, adjustable Velcro closure, and enough 21st-century tech to erase more than a photograph.

Xbox Heat-Change 11 oz. Mug

Positively covered with official Xbox designs, this Xbox Heat-Change 11 oz. Mug is perfect for a mid-game break, and it’s a great gift for video gamers.

Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey Silver T-Shirt

Show your love for The Lord of the Rings by wearing this t-shirt. This excellent Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey Silver T-Shirt features an image of the great wizard himself, Gandalf the Grey, above the word “Gandalf.” This is a must-have t-shirt for any fan of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit!