Who says jewelry can’t be both practical and fashionable? Kimoyo beads may be new to us, but the Wakandans have been using this technology for years. If only we could make the rest of our jewelry this useful. Our college ring just sits there… do something! (Besides reminding of us of our student debt!)

Support the nation of Wakanda with this Black Panther Kimoyo Beads Bracelet. Since we’re trying to preserve Vibranium, we’ve chosen to sell these bracelets because they’re made of resin. But let’s be honest, who can be trusted to be responsible with a functioning Kimoyo beads bracelets? Not us. We’d project holographic versions of us at work, so we could go hang out with Timmy.

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Pokémon Eeveelutions T-Shirt

Hold on a second while we get our gigantic Gameboy Classic out and reflect on the original Pokémon games. Back in the “old days,” there were only three Eeveelutions, and at the time we thought that was a lot. But now there are so many adorable options, we just can’t choose. We must have them all.  

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Heat Change Mug

There’s nothing like watching that sweet waterfall of delicious, warm coffee fill up your favorite mug in the morning. As the aroma fills up your kitchen, you gaze upon your delicious beverage and inhale. You can feel it, can’t you? The power it holds. And soon it will be yours. Imagine, if you will, the power coffee holds over your morning. Now picture what it’d be like to drink coffee from the Infinity Gauntlet – the strongest source of power in the universe meets the strongest source of power on Earth… and the power is yours to control.  

Game of Thrones House Stark Pint Glass

What a loaded comment to make, Arya. That sounds like it’s foreshadowing something. But surely the youngest Stark child couldn’t possibly be threatening some sort of revenge. No, not young Arya.