We figure Tina was likely the designer for these boxers. Above anyone else, Tina knows butts. She has a photographic butt memory. She knows just the right fit.

Make sure your butt is plenty cozy (and cute) with this two pack of boxers with a Bob’s Burgers theme. One pair features silhouettes of the entire Belcher family, and the other is neon green with Kuchi Kopi all over.

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Gudetama Editorial Pouch

Ugh. Eggsistence is so challenging. There’s eggsercise, eggducation, and the pressure to be eggcellent. Omlette-ing you know, we’re eggshausted. We’d rather be lazy, just like Gudetama.

Cowboy Bebop Gun T-Shirt

It’s here. The final showdown. Spike Spiegel is pulling the trigger on the Red Dragon Syndicate. 

Dungeons & Dragons Dice T-Shirt

Woah. You did it! You’ve maxed out your fashion stat, so you’ll get a +10 constitution bonus in your next campaign. Look forward to the best dialogue options, especially when people ask about this shirt.