Fall into this supernatural adventure and follow the winding series of events that lead a group of once strangers turned friends, to one another on Arth; a post apocalyptic planet where science and magic now coexist after the world changing events of the ‘Cataclysm’.
Join Lua, a 14 year-old girl with high hopes and dreams driven to fulfill a promise to her late mother of traveling and discovering the planets most historical landmarks, as well as their secrets. However, Lua realizes in the very beginning of her endeavor, where the story begins that not everything is set in stone nor is anything granted so easily as she may be so accustomed to. She is hit with a number of setbacks and close calls causing her to settle down in ‘Cape Junction Town’ where she meets the Kuza family, the proud owners of the ‘Yawn Yawn’ Motel.

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Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Vol. 8

The battle in the Ukraine reaches a fever pitch as Magical Girls clash head-to-head, leaving Kurumi grievously injured. At the same time, Chisato and Just Cause Mia have their own life-and-death struggles to contend with.

Cooking with Wild Game: Volume 5

After all of his hardships, things are finally starting to look up for Asuta. He’s found his place with Ai Fa, helped to reforge her friendships, and even opened a shop in the post town! And by all standards but his own, it’s been a roaring success. Even he has to admit it’s going well when he starts to get some long awaited customers from the west, too! In fact, he’s preparing to open up a second stall, increasing his business even further in the process.

An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride (Manga) Volume 2

Love and sorcery continue taking root in more ways than one as Zagan is faced with Angelic Knights, snarky friends, and… a council of Archdemons?!