Captain America: Civil War BFF Necklace Set – EE Exclusive:

  • Best friends forever!
  • Get your Captain America and Iron Man on!
  • Beautifully crafted stainless steel necklace set.
  • Exclusive jewelry inspired by Captain America: Civil War!
  • Comes in a colorful movie-themed collector’s box.

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Through good times and bad times, best friends can always come together… like this! The Captain America: Civil War Best Friends Necklace Set – Entertainment Earth Exclusive is a must for fans of both Captain America and Iron Man. This set includes 2 beautifully crafted stainless steel necklaces, one representing Captain America and the other, Iron Man. The Captain America necklace features a pendant showing half of Cap’s shield. The Iron Man necklace boasts a pendant presenting half of Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor, which glows in the dark! Both include 18-inch long chains. The Captain America: Civil War Best Friends Necklace Set – Entertainment Earth Exclusive comes in colorful movie-themed collector’s box. Pendants measure 1-inch. Ages 13 and up.

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Pitfall! Atari Cartridge Throw Blanket

The original Pitfall! was a blast to play, but the time limit of 20 minutes (while challenging) made us crave more! If only there was a way to blanket ourselves in that nostalgic joy for longer than 20 minutes.

Magic the Gathering Planeswalker Backpack

Wandering the magical realms can be exhausting, especially when you have to carry so many magical artifacts. We really need access to some sort of pocket dimension. That might be excessive though. Maybe something small and portable. Is there such a thing that exists? A device for holding things? Oh yeah. A bag!

X-Men Xavier Institute Crest Hat

So, you know how there are different X-Men teams? Obviously, the most powerful mutants go on the A Team, and then the next powerful group is the B Team, etc. Well, when we went to the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, they put us on the Z Team. We were the mutants who basically went to the institute to learn. And while the other students got costumes and access to jets… we got to study. At least we got this awesome hat though.