Captain America: Civil War BFF Necklace Set – EE Exclusive:

  • Best friends forever!
  • Get your Captain America and Iron Man on!
  • Beautifully crafted stainless steel necklace set.
  • Exclusive jewelry inspired by Captain America: Civil War!
  • Comes in a colorful movie-themed collector’s box.

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Through good times and bad times, best friends can always come together… like this! The Captain America: Civil War Best Friends Necklace Set – Entertainment Earth Exclusive is a must for fans of both Captain America and Iron Man. This set includes 2 beautifully crafted stainless steel necklaces, one representing Captain America and the other, Iron Man. The Captain America necklace features a pendant showing half of Cap’s shield. The Iron Man necklace boasts a pendant presenting half of Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor, which glows in the dark! Both include 18-inch long chains. The Captain America: Civil War Best Friends Necklace Set – Entertainment Earth Exclusive comes in colorful movie-themed collector’s box. Pendants measure 1-inch. Ages 13 and up.

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Black Panther Logo Watch

Black Panther has a long runtime. It clocks in at 135 minutes, which is apparently longer than any other Marvel movie that has a single superhero in it. But think about it: Black Panther doesn’t have the same name-recognition that Cap has. Black Panther is fewer than ten minutes longer than Iron Man, and Tony Stark lives in a world we all know or quickly recognize. Sure, GotG was new for a lot of people, but it was sort of, “Here’s the 80s – now everything else is not as you know it.” Pretty cut and dry. Wakanda exists as part of our world, so it’s more important to make minute distinctions so audiences are acquainted with what’s the same and what’s different.

Steampunk Lock and Key Faux Leather Ladies’ Backpack

Whether you already have a seat aboard the airship or are flying standby after a jaunt on your jetpack, one thing is certain: the trip will take some time. And for any lengthy trip, you need little bits to keep you amused, and then something in which to keep all the aforementioned little baubles.

Wonder Woman Hoodie

Wonder Woman’s knee-high boots, golden crown and indestructible Bracelets of Victory are awesome, but when you’re having a casual day, you might want the power of a Wonder Woman with a little less volume. This hoodie is perfect. It’s a retro throwback communicating Wonder Woman’s message of freedom, power, and rebellion.