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Captain America Shield Hat

We’ve seen Captain America wear many hats, but the ballcaps in the Marvel movies all make a very special statement. And that statement is: wearing a hat doesn’t make you look suspicious or noticeable at all.

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Venom All Over Slime Backpack

“I have absolutely no problem with you sticking around, but if you do, we’re gonna have some ground rules, all right? You cannot just go around eating anybody that you want to.”
– Eddie Brock

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Captain America Dot Crew Socks

“Well, things aren’t so bad. Food’s a lot better; we used to boil everything. No polio is good. Internet, so helpful. I’ve been reading that a lot trying to catch up.” 
– Captain America

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Marvel Thanos Hat

Having “one of those days” where people are just getting in your way? Well, we’d recommend wearing this hat to let others know just how close you are to snapping… and there will be consequences. Even if you’re not an intimidating Mad Titan, you can still be imposing. 

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Marvel Punisher Crew Socks

“If you’re gonna look at yourself, really look in the mirror, you gotta admit who you are. But not just to yourself, you gotta admit it to everybody else.”
– Frank Castle

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Punisher Mesh Trucker Hat

Frank Castle doesn’t take any nonsense, so why should you? Channel a little bit of the Punisher’s attitude to show everyone that you mean business. Note: we cannot emphasize the word LITTLE enough. Make good choices.

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Punisher Thunderbolts Snapback

We don’t know about you, but our lives are pretty much one long trivia battle with our friends. And there’s no greater shame than admitting that you don’t know something. Or worse… that you’re wrong about an obscure Marvel factoid. That’s where this hat comes in. Is it the Punisher or Red Skull? Of course, if you’ve read the title, you already know the answer. But do your friends? See how well people really know the Marvel universe.

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Batman Backpack

Can you picture Batman trying to cram a laptop in his utility belt? Sure, he has Oracle. But we’d guess Bruce doesn’t want her knowing everything in his search history.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi 20 oz. Ceramic Mug

Make a statement with your morning cup of joe with this Star Wars: The Last Jedi 20 oz. Ceramic Mug! Featuring black and gold artwork of the Rebel and Fist Order symbols from Episode 8 of theStar Wars saga, this trusty mug will hold approximately 20 ounces of your favorite drink, from coffee to Bantha milk! Measures approximately 4-inches long x 5 1/2-inches wide x 4-inches tall.

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