When a simple “goodbye” isn’t good enough

“Everything has a beginning and an end. Life is just a cycle of starts and stops. There are ends we don’t desire, but they’re inevitable. We have to face them. It’s what being human is all about.”
– Jet Black

You don’t have to be a space cowboy bounty hunter to talk like one. “See you, space cowboy,” might be the funnest phrase to say, and even if you didn’t watch Cowboy Bebop, (what were you doing in the 90s?), you can still appreciate a good one-liner.

So, get out your yellow dress shirt and pop that collar because it’s time to embrace nostalgia. Relive the glory days of late-90s anime with Spike Spiegel and the whole Bebop crew by wearing this simple but classy hat.

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Super Mario Piranha Plant Poseable Lamp

Pose a Piranha Plant, perhaps? Super Mario Bros. fans will want to place this incredible Super Mario Piranha Plant Poseable Lamp on their desk or some other place of honor. The 12-inch tall lamp is powered by USB and sure is an attention grabber and conversation starter. It probably won’t try to eat you, and at least it’s not Petey Piranha!

Marvel Black Widow Cardholder

Baddies will think twice before reaching for your credit cards when they’re under the protection of Natasha Romanoff in this Marvel Black Widow Cardholder. Measuring about 4 3/4-inches wide x 3-inches tall in black-and-red faux leather with a themed red lining, it features zipper closure with a cool zipper pull, plus perforated, applique, and enamel rivet details. Don’t head out on your next assignment without it!

Spider-Man iTime Kids Watch

Plastic case with printed silicone straps!