Do you know what the real problem is with sexy head-to-toe jester costumes? It’s impossible to get a nice, even tan when only your face is exposed. Unless that’s the look you’re going for, in which case… really? Are you sure? That’s cool. But for what it’s worth, even Harley Quinn wouldn’t wear her full costume on an island getaway.

How do we know? We took a gander at this groovy Harley Quinn Hula Girl figure. Harley’s kept the pointed jester hat, but pared the rest down to a red-and-black bikini top and flowing skirt. She’s even got those classic dashboard hula girl dance moves! Just look at the way she sways at her bobble waist. We forget – does “aloha” also translate as “mayhem?” Harley may be on vacation, but she seems like the kind of woman who has a hard time leaving her work behind…

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