When it comes to DC Collectibles’ Wonder Woman on Horseback statue, part of the company’s line inspired by the character’s solo film debut, the term “Deluxe” not only refers to the detail, but also to the piece’s sheer size. Boasting an official height of 17.5 inches, and my own rough measurement of a length of 22.25 inches from horse’s tail to nose, it feels even larger than that, due in part to its arrival in a box that’s just shy of two feet tall. In short, this thing is enormous.

Of course, there’s more to a top-line statue than its size; luckily, the re-creation of sculptor James Marsano’s work has more going for it than being able to dominate your display case. The entire piece, from the rubble topping the base to the flow of Wonder Woman’s hair, reveals a high attention to detail. The dirt kicked up by the Amazon princess’ steed has a semi-translucent quality that lends it an ethereal air, although at certain angles comes off more like cotton than a dust cloud.

But that’s a small complaint. Overall, the statue’s level of detail serves the piece well. Diana’s outfit walks the perfect line between brightly colored superhero costume and well-worn leather battle armor. While I’m not a fan of the tiara worn by DC Extended Universe heroine, it works well when seen in three dimensions. Also making a convincing translation from screen to sculpted piece are the character’s iconic bracelets and lasso, both of which are represented rather nicely here.

While Wonder Woman’s face doesn’t look quite like Gal Gadot, that actually works in the statue’s favor. I tend not to like most sculpts that attempt to closely mimic the stars they’re re-creating, as they tend to cross too easily from impressively accurate to unintentionally creepy; in truth, only Hot Toys has been able to pull off this feat with any consistency. Thankfully, Marsano’s approach to Gadot’s Wonder Woman manages to avoid a trip to the uncanny valley, presenting a hero that appears to be more inspired by the actor’s portrayal rather than based directly on it.

Which is not to say this is a flawless piece. As mentioned previously, the rendering of the dust cloud isn’t 100-percent effective, but again, that’s a minor issue. The statue’s one true flaw is that, promotional photos aside, Diana’s skin tone is a rather unnatural pink, not far from what you’d find on the character’s Super Hero Girls figure. This is particularly jarring given the realism present elsewhere, from the beautifully weathered leather and body armor to the braided lasso to the hero’s hair, which manages to effectively pull off a wind effect as she races forward on her steed. The skin’s odd tone can be minimized somewhat with creative lighting, but it’s a frustrating issue nonetheless, considering how much care and detail given every other aspect of the statue.

That criticism aside, this is a really nice piece. It may not appeal to hardcore Wonder Woman fans who prefer the character’s more classic look. But for those who have fallen in love with Gadot’s portrayal of the iconic hero, and have the shelf space and bank account to accommodate it, it’s going to be a tough statue to pass up.

DC Collectibles’ Wonder Woman on Horseback Deluxe Statue retails for $349.95 and is available in comic book stores now, or online at shopdcentertainment.com.

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