Empress Kazuko, after killing her sister 2V, is revealed to be the true villain. Using the power of Zero, the First Demon King, she intends to enslave humanity. In order to save everyone, Akuto knows that the line of Demon Kings must end — and for that to happen, both he and Zero must die.

Will Akuto and Brave be able to defeat Kazuko and Zero? Will Junko, Keena, and the others survive this battle? And what does the member of CMID-8, “USD,” have to do with all this? Read the epic climax of the war between Demon Kings!

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Castle Lugburz Issue #1

After his girlfriend, Gwen, is kidnapped by a evil Wizard. Nick and his best friend Connor, are teleports to a medieval castle. Where they must defeat a horde of monster to save, Gwen.

THE EVE of the Arabian Nights (Fantastic Short Stories)

Original Fantastic Short Stories:
THE EVE of the Arabian Nights (ARABIA) 30p
The tale of the IZUNA (JAPAN) 34p
Servant of the CAT GENERAL (ENGLAND) 26p

Fullmetal Alchemist Mustang Story: Full metal Alchemist Mustang

With all the contention and strain among Amestris and Aerugo, it was inescapable that a war would loosen up. Colt, however, had dependably suspected that he would have the capacity to repel his young wonder from such a nightmarish difficulty. How Mustang will do? Find out on Fullmetal Alchemist Mustang Story.