Graph paper. Sure, it was good for geometry, but where it really shone was when you had to make maps while you were ignoring math class. Our favorite bit was making staircases with those little progressively shorter parallel lines.

But in the 80s, if you put a graph paper design at an angle to indicate perspective it was THE FUTURE. It was the inside of your Atari 800 or Commodore 64. It was the holodeck. It was ReBoot and Max Headroom. And that’s what this is. Your D&D game IN THE FUTURE. Of the past. Mmm. Retro futurism.

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Star Wars Rebel Imperial Logo Backpack

Not sure where your loyalty lies? Or maybe thinking about playing both sides until a clear victor is decided? Then this is the backpack for you.

Harry Potter Jewelry Set

Just got your acceptance letter to Hogwarts? Good. Here are some essentials to add to your school supplies list: one owl necklace carrying a letter, two letter earrings, and one compact mirror. Well look at that… it’s all right here. This Harry Potter jewelry set is perfect for going back to school, or when you want to flaunt that you got an acceptance letter when your muggle friends didn’t.

Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Glass

Don’t worry about keeping one of your glasses empty for fetch quests – this one is meant to be filled. While you can go with the traditional Lon Lon Milk, Chateau Romani, or potions, we’d recommend not to pour Chuchu jelly in here. Mostly because we’re not quite sure what it is.