Arguably the best part of Fortnite is the weird stuff we get up to on Spawn Island. We’ve seen all sorts of stuff, like flash mobs, musical performances, impressive builds, and an emote dance off. What we’d really like to see, though, is a reenactment of our favorite scenes from Jurassic Park starring Rex. But until then, we’ll settle for what we can get.

This Fortnite Rex 7″ Action Figure comes with Scaly Back Bling and the Bitemark Harvesting Tool for the triple Jurassic effect. Oh, and there’s also a Devastating Rocket Launcher, so you can start your own extinction-level event. We’re very fortunate that regular dinosaurs didn’t also have rocket launchers. That’s just too much chaos.

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Spider-Man Spider Cam Q-Fig Figure

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Marvel Gallery Spider-Gwen Statue

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