If you already have all the Harry Potter Funko POP!s, we probably don’t need to convince you to add this set to your collection. But if you’re just starting out your collection? You’ll have a running start with this set.

See, it comes with a Sirius Black (Azkaban Prison) Funko POP! Either a full-color version or a sepia chase variant. Plus it has either a Boggart as Snape or Professor Trelawny Mystery Mini. Plus it contains a Quidditch Harry Potter 5 Star Figure (with snitch and broom). And, finally, it has a Dre Head black ballpoint pen with which you can make notes about your collection. Note that “Engorgio” will not make these full size again, no matter how “in tune” with your wand you are.

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Outta Power T-Shirt

Your phone lets you know when it’s going to power off and be useless until you recharge it, so why can’t there be a human equivalent. WISH GRANTED!

Nasa DaVinci T-Shirt

The Vitruvian Man finally found some clothes… and a space suit. It seems only right that the mixture of art and math would take the next step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.

What the Duck T-Shirt

Welcome to the struggle – the ultimate test of will. It’s you vs. autocorrect. Will you change the “d,” or will you go ahead and send the message?