What would you do if you had the ability to turn back time and have a few extra hours in your day? In no particular order, we would: play more video games, eat second breakfast, read more books, hang out with all of our friends that can’t hang out with each other, play more video games, and collect all the Funko POP! figures. You know, important things. The little Time Turner around this Hermione figure’s neck won’t actually turn time back. (Otherwise, we’d have to charge a lot more. And honestly, we probably wouldn’t be selling it so much as using it ourselves.) But that’s okay. It’s still an adorable Funko POP!, one which should join your collection today.

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Legend of Zelda Link Shield

Defend yourself from all manner of attacks by Hyrule’s fiercest foes with Link’s amazing Hylian Shield! The Legend of Zelda Link Shield is a must have for fans of the fantasy themed action adventure Nintendo video game series The Legend of Zelda. The shield has 2 adjustable elastic straps on the back for easy holding. Measures about 19-inches tall x 15-inches wide. Ages 4 and up.

Saint Seiya Equuleus Shoko Saint Cloth Myth Action Figure – Free Shipping

From the anime side-story comes a powerful and beautiful Equuleus Shoko! This figure was made with all the detail and care you have come to expect from the Saint Cloth Myth series, highly poseable and beautifully finished. The Saint Seiya Equuleus Shoko Saint Cloth Myth Action Figure measures about 6 3/10-inches tall.

Lin-Manuel and Tobi Pin Mates Wooden Collectibles Set of 2

A Lin-spired release! If you love Lin-Manual Miranda and his fluffy friend Tobi, this adorable Pin Mates™ bundle is a must-have in your collection!