It’s game night, so it’s time to sit back, eat snacks, and play a relaxing game with your friends. But there’s always that one friend that gets a little too competitive (in our case, it’s Patrick). All you want to do is have a fun night with your besties, but you know Patrick (who just brought you delicious cookies from your favorite store) is now plotting your demise.

If you have a Patrick in your life (or if you just have great taste in games), it’s time to dust off your trench coat or throw on a cape, because tonight you’re going to get a taste of cooperative mercenary work. That’s right – Gloomhaven is a game where you have to work together to win. (Deal with that, Patrick!) And navigating Gloomhaven is just as dangerous as it sounds, so you’re going to need all the help you can get as you navigate enormous maps, waves of monsters and nearly 100 missions. Friends that slay together, stay together. So, save your friendships (because Patrick does bring the best cookies) at the same time you save Gloomhaven.

Don’t have any friends? (Don’t cry, we’ll be your friend.) You can also play single-player campaigns.

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