GX-13R Choju Kishin Dancouga Super Beast Machine God Figure:
Fans of Soul of Chogokin can rejoice and order the GX-13R Choju Kishin Dankouga Dancouga Super Beast Machine God Bandai Soul of Chogokin Action Figure! The die-cast Dancougar disassembles into the Big Moth, Eagle Fighter, Land Liger, and Land Cougar machines. The set includes the Danco-ken sword, two sword parts, two cannon, a beam gun for the Eagle Fighter, a blaster for Land Liger, a blaster for Land Cougar, a beam launcher for Big Moth, a connector for the Daigan, two pulse lasers for Big Moth, a stand for Eagle Fighter, a booster, and non-transforming head parts sculpted with form in mind. Measures about 9 4/5-inches tall.

We reserve the right to limit quantities ordered.

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