You know Santa can hear you from the other dimension? That’s why you wanna do a few “Num num, cookie!” shoutouts when you’re putting out that milk and cookies. Just so he doesn’t miss you.

Bring the whole crazy family together this holiday with this Incredibles ornament featuring Bob Parr transforming into his superhero alter-ego, Mr. Incredible. Perhaps the dad in your family does that before he hangs the lights? Or before he puts the tree up? Or before he reads the littlest one a bedtime story? Doesn’t really matter when. We all know he’s super.

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Dragon Ball Super Frieza and Mother Ship Dragon Stars Nano Diorama

Even if you’re not a fan of the Dragon Ball series, you probably know what it’s famous for – those intense, epic fights that involve special effects, energy blasts, and flying. Lots of flying. We’ve been trying to find something that captures that same level of intensity for a long time, and we thing we’ve finally found the perfect thing.

Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Vegeta FiguartsZERO Figure

The blood in your veins. That perfect instinct for battle. There’s no denying what you are. Reach down deep. Feel the pain of those who fell. Your brethren were all decimated. Your home world lost. Does it not enrage you to stand before the monster responsible for driving us to extinction? – Vegeta

Gundam NT HGUC 1/144 Narrative A-packs Model Kit

You know you have a legit model when it needs extra stands just to hold up the accessories. In this case, those accessories happen to be cannons. And you know how we feel about cannons… we love them.