Save the Earth from a societal collapse with the iconic UNSC Infinity! The threat of the vengeful Forerunner grows, and Cortana reaches the height of rampancy as she sets her sights on starting a battle. Fight to defend your territory by building the massive UNSC Infinity, loaded with the heaviest firepower in the galaxy. Then open the top of the ship and sit the included Master Chief and Captain Lansky at the command center table to strategize a strike on the fleet of approaching enemy Cruiser ships. Attach the 4 UNSC Frigates for additional support against the incoming enemy strikes. Is this how the world ends? Or will good prevail? It’s up to you! The Halo Mega Construx UNSC Infinity Playset includes 2,456-pieces and comes with 3 super-poseable micro-figures. Ages 8 and up.

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