Shuro finds out that Hisui knows about Ryusei and Kodo’s secret. Karasu and others make efforts to find Hisui, who is missing, but…?! Meanwhile, what’s happening to Ryusei, who is fighting hard with Mugoku…?! The story of how Ryusei and Shuro met will also be shown in the extra edition.

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Lifeformed Volume 2: Hearts and Minds

Cleo, orphaned in the wake of an alien invasion, left behind the life she knew to fight for the future of Earth.

Sword Art Online: Girls’ Ops, Vol. 6

When a secret recipe deal with the Elves and Shoemaker Guild goes wrong, Lisbeth and the girls find themselves face-to-face with none other than the ghost of Rossa! Just what could be the connection between Lisbeth’s quest and Lux’s old friend?!

I Hear the Sunspot: Limit Volume 2

Kohei is a college student who, because of his hearing loss, tends to distance himself from others. His attitude starts to change after he crosses paths with an ever-optimistic classmate named Taichi. And over time, the two begin to develop feelings for each other.