We’re big fans of all things miniature and cute, but when you’re a Muggle, you can’t exactly just cast a spell to turn all of your favorite things tiny, the way that witches and wizards can. Which may be for the best, because that’s a power we might go a little crazy with, and get all MINIATURIZE ALL THE THINGS!

Someone has cast a shrinking charm on these Harry Potter characters for us, and the result is adorable! Choose from Dobby, Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Voldemort, or Ron, but no matter who you choose, you’ll get a super cute 8-inch tall chibi version of your favorite character to hug and play with. Though watch out if you pick the Voldemort plush: Muggle huggles are sure to be met with one of the unforgivable curses!

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Dragon Ball Super Broly 8-Inch Plush

Fans of the hit anime series Dragon Ball will love this plush. The Dragon Ball Super Broly 8-Inch Plush makes a great gift. Measures about 8-inches tall x 5-inches long x 4-inches wide.

Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-50 Beast Wars Tigatron

Tigatron… Maximize! This descendant of the Autobots is here to keep an eye over ancient Earth while the Predacons plot against heroes across time. Standing tall above Cheetor, but not quite as tall as Dinobot, our hero comes loaded with swappable faces. He can be angry, sad, surprised, or even shown in a “hacking” mode! Armed with two blasters, instructions, a character card, and a display stand adapter, this big cat is ready to pounce on your collection. You loved Mainframe’s CG series Beast Wars, so don’t miss out on this awesome recreation of one of its most famous faces!

Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles Prop Replica

Ecto Goggles are designed to allow the wearer to see invisible ghosts and visually track P.K.E. valences. Hollywood Collectibles Group is proud to present the Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles Prop Replica! Every part of this amazingly detailed life- size prop replica has been painstakingly recreated, and comes complete with themed display stand. This museum quality prop replica is constructed of the finest materials, then meticulously hand painted and authentically weathered. It’s a limited edition of just 500 pieces worldwide! Measures about 14-inches long x 14-inches wide x 7-inches tall.