Safer than casting Incendio on yourself

Ever wondered how everyone at Hogwarts stays so warm during the cold months? Some probably use spells, but we’re pretty sure most of the students are wearing this oversized Sherpa hoodie under their robes.

Stylish and warm, this magical oversized Sherpa hoodie features two embroidered pieces from Harry Potter: Hedwig and the symbol for Platform 9 3/4. The hood also features a gorgeous print on the inside with various designs from Harry Potter including a winged key and the deathly hallows symbol. If you have to choose between this and casting the Incendio spell on yourself, this is definitely the safer option.

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Pokémon Pikachu Wink Polo

Today we’re going to talk about “business casual.” Don’t run out the door yet, there’s nothing to be afraid of. This is called a polo. It’s like a t-shirt, but with a collar. “But Copywriter Monkey, how can this sweet polo be considered business casual when it has such a cool graphic on it?”

Star Wars Darth Vader Mask Polo

At ThinkGeek, we don’t just geek out with our favorite peeps, we also tackle the big issues in the galaxy. And right now, we’re super concerned with the aversion to the business casual dress code, specifically the polo. Our latest letter comes all the way from the Death Star.  

Marvel Deadpool Mask Polo

Still not sold on business casual? Maybe we can help. Let’s address a common source of apprehension: the collar. We know… it’s an adjustment going from V-necks and crew cuts to some sort of foreign material around your neck. But don’t panic. It’s not trying to strangle you. Think of the collar as armor for your neck (or a neck hug). It IS a vital part of the body after all. Just ask Deadpool.