The year is 2002. The PS2 is two years into its reign as the console king of the time, and Lilo and Stitch just taught us the meaning of “ohana.” And then Square Enix releases some crazy looking game. One that combines JRPG elements with Disney characters? Sounds weird. No way that’ll work out. Right?

The Kingdom Hearts Cover T-Shirt features the iconic cover art of the original Kingdom Hearts games reimagined as cute Funko POP! characters. And we thought Donald and Goofy couldn’t get more adorable.

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Outta Power T-Shirt

Your phone lets you know when it’s going to power off and be useless until you recharge it, so why can’t there be a human equivalent. WISH GRANTED!

Nasa DaVinci T-Shirt

The Vitruvian Man finally found some clothes… and a space suit. It seems only right that the mixture of art and math would take the next step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.

What the Duck T-Shirt

Welcome to the struggle – the ultimate test of will. It’s you vs. autocorrect. Will you change the “d,” or will you go ahead and send the message?