So if you’re an Emblem Heartless your mileage may vary with this hat – after all, you might not have a head at all, let alone one that can accommodate a hat, depending on the world you’re in. The one thing we can tell you, though, is that this black hat looks great with those gold eyes.

This Kingdom Hearts Heartless Cap features the Heartless emblem in dimensional white embroidery on the front (it sort of drips down onto the brim in a really cool way). The side has the Kingdom Hearts logo, and the back features white embroidery of the Nightmare, Unversed, and Nobody emblems. Basically, you got all your bad guy bases covered.
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Gudetama Editorial Pouch

Ugh. Eggsistence is so challenging. There’s eggsercise, eggducation, and the pressure to be eggcellent. Omlette-ing you know, we’re eggshausted. We’d rather be lazy, just like Gudetama.

Cowboy Bebop Gun T-Shirt

It’s here. The final showdown. Spike Spiegel is pulling the trigger on the Red Dragon Syndicate. 

Dungeons & Dragons Dice T-Shirt

Woah. You did it! You’ve maxed out your fashion stat, so you’ll get a +10 constitution bonus in your next campaign. Look forward to the best dialogue options, especially when people ask about this shirt.