Some people watched Labyrinth  and wondered “How could Sarah wish away her baby brother?” But we tried to conjure Jareth the Goblin King to take away our little siblings. It didn’t work… which was disappointing at the time. But now we can say that it’s probably a good thing – they’ve grown on us.

Rediscover the cult classic Labyrinth with this ThinkGeek exclusive maze t-shirt featuring Sarah, Jareth, and that trouble-maker Toby. Just don’t stare at those M.C. Escher stairs for too long or they’ll start to make sense. That’s when you know that you’ve lost it.

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Xbox Heat-Change 11 oz. Mug

Positively covered with official Xbox designs, this Xbox Heat-Change 11 oz. Mug is perfect for a mid-game break, and it’s a great gift for video gamers.

Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey Silver T-Shirt

Show your love for The Lord of the Rings by wearing this t-shirt. This excellent Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey Silver T-Shirt features an image of the great wizard himself, Gandalf the Grey, above the word “Gandalf.” This is a must-have t-shirt for any fan of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit!

Bruce Lee Feel T-Shirt

Bruce Lee Feel T-Shirt. Celebrate the life of famed actor, martial artist, philosopher, director and producer Bruce Lee with this 100% cotton, high-quality, pre-shrunk black t-shirt. Machine washable. Order yours today!