Florence “Flo” Steinberg, the woman who helped keep Marvel Comics running during the Silver Age and a pioneer in independent comics in her own right, has passed away. Her death was reported by close friend and industry legend Larry Hama, who released a statement via Facebook.

“I am grieved to report that ‘Fabulous’ Flo Steinberg passed away this morning after complications from a brain aneurism and metastatic lung cancer. She will be interred at the Jewish cemetery in Kerhonkson NY. We are making plans for a memorial in September or October. I will update on this page.”

“Fabulous” Flo Steinberg was the only other full-time Marvel staff member aside from Stan Lee during the dawn of The Marvel Age of Comics and her role within the company led to her doing every little thing needed to help keep the comics coming. She answered letters, wrote for the Merry Marvel Marching Society and was indespinsible as Stan Lee’s “Girl Friday” during Marvel’s most creatively ambitious period.

Flo later left Marvel in the late-sixties and co-ordinated the anthology comic Big Apple Comix with creators who would go on to be legends such as Neal Adams, Wally Wood and Marie Severin. She later returned to Marvel as a proofreader. Big Apple Comix was one of the first underground or independent comics and saw many creators known for their work in the all-ages field of superheroes trying their hand at more experimental — and explicit — content.

Flo was beloved by everybody in comics, and the industry is a darker place without her. CBR sends its condolences to her friends, family and loved ones at this time.

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