“This is war. My hands are filthy from it too. But we’re here now. You found my family, and this is just the beginning.” 
– Talos

Shapeshifting is probably one of the most convenient abilities. But if everyone could do it, would we all look the same? *Philosophical pause.* Nah, we’d probably just look like extremely airbrushed versions of ourselves. Or billionaires.  

You can add a master shapeshifter to your collectibles with this Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Talos Skrull 6″ Action Figure. Just make sure you’re mindful of who Talos sees, that’s how he’s able to shapeshift. But why would he want to shift his cool alien trench coat? We’re not the only ones who think it’s cool – meeting Talos might have spurred Nick Fury’s fascination with trench coats. 

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Nintendo Mario vs. Bowser Wave 1 Diorama Set

Yowza, it’s Bowser! Bring the world of Nintendo to life! This Nintendo Mario vs. Bowser Wave 1 Diorama Set features your favorite battling duo in a fun, diorama playset. Play and pose your favorite characters and display the playset for hours of endless fun!

Dragon Ball Super Limit Breaker 12-Inch Figure Wave 2 Case

Expand your Dragon Ball collection! Recreate epic battles from Dragon Ball Super at a massive scale with these remarkable 12-inch tall action figures! Each one features 5 points of articulation and detailed deco from the popular anime. They come individually packaged in window-box packaging.

Splatoon Boy Figma Action Figure – Free Shipping

An INKredible figma of the Inkling Boy has arrived! From the popular video game Splatoon comes a figma of the Inkling Boy! The smooth yet posable figma joints allow you to act out a variety of different scenes. He comes with both a smirking expression and a frustrated expression as interchangeable face plates.