Hope you brought eye drops

“If you’re going to become a hero, you don’t have time for such leisurely events.”
– Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head)

We’re kind of glad Eraser Head wasn’t our teacher in high school. Not that we were misusing our quirks or anything, he’s just really… what’s the word? Intimidating. And brutally honest. If you’re a great student it’s not a problem, but if you’re just so-so (or secretly evil), make sure you don’t let him use his quirk on you.

This ThinkGeek exclusive My Hero Academia Eraser Head t-shirt features our sometimes-favorite teacher Eraser Head. His Erasure quirk is pretty effective, but will it work on us when we’re invisible? We’re not going to test it. We’ll just be sitting in the back of the class quietly doing our work.

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