“Why are you screaming? I haven’t even caught you yet.” 
– Freddy Krueger

Freddy’s sense of humor actually makes him more terrifying than the typical silent types. At least Jason and Michael don’t joke about the demise of their victims. Wait… are we seeing good qualities in serial killers? Someone call for an intervention! 

This Freddy Krueger Mego action figure features such a strong attention to detail, it must have been a nightmare to create. See what we did there? Capturing the likeness of Robert Englund, this action figure is so terrifying that it’ll scare the rest of your collectibles.

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Transformers Studio Series Premier Voyager Wave 2 Case

Go big with the Transformers Studio Series Premier Voyager figures! Each roughly 7-inch robot in disguise can change to vehicle and back again. Big, highly detailed robots duke it out for total supremacy throughout time and space to decide who will rule the destinies of Earth and Cybertron!

Transformers Studio Series Leader Class Blackout

Reach past the big screen and build the ultimate Transformers collection with Studio Series figures, inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with a cinematic blend of movie scales and deco. In Transformers Movie 1, the Desert Base Assault catalyzes military activity as the Decepticons launch their search for the Allspark.

Funko POP! Doctor Strange Gold Chrome Vinyl Figure

The last time we saw Doctor Strange, he saved us from being stuck in a time loop where we were just continuously backing into our mailbox. We lost track of how long we were stuck, but it was so nice to finally get out of that car. If you think road trips are bad, imagine being trapped in a car in a time loop. We thought it’d never end.