No Game No Life Shiro 1:7 Scale Statue:

  • No game, no lifeā€¦ no kidding!
  • Sibling Shiro is from the No Game No Life series.
  • Beautifully sculpted 1:7 scale collectible statue on a chessboard-themed base.

This No Game No Life Shiro 1:7 Scale Statue from the popular No Game No Life series presents the female half of “Blank” beautifully sculpted as a 6 1/4-inch tall statue. Perched on a chessboard with a couple of pawns scattered about the base, Shiro with her multicolored hair looks fantastic in a purple dress. She boasts a tremendous amount of detail, from the folds and creases in her dress to the wrinkles in her stockings. The special themed base is sure to delight fans of the series, too. Ages 14 and up.

Age: 14+

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