So you’ve got the Eldant Empire, a fantasy world somehow connected to Japan by a mysterious “hole.” And you’ve got Kanou Shinichi, general manager of Amutech, a company whose whole purpose is to promote cultural exchange with this new land—using otaku stuff! Shinichi’s father is a master at churning out popular light novels, but when something happens to him, Shinichi rushes home. His Eldant friends, worried this is another ploy by the Japanese government, send Myusel and Elvia with him—and the Empress Petralka sneaks along for good measure. The Big Three—America, China, and Russia—know something’s up in Japan. That’s why the kids’ sightseeing jaunt to Akihabara turns into a war zone. That’s how Minori gets captured by the Russians. And that’s why Shinichi’s house is surrounded by a mysterious armed squadron. Can Shinichi and his friends rescue Minori and get back to Eldant, or does their journey end here?!

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Lifeformed Volume 2: Hearts and Minds

Cleo, orphaned in the wake of an alien invasion, left behind the life she knew to fight for the future of Earth.

Sword Art Online: Girls’ Ops, Vol. 6

When a secret recipe deal with the Elves and Shoemaker Guild goes wrong, Lisbeth and the girls find themselves face-to-face with none other than the ghost of Rossa! Just what could be the connection between Lisbeth’s quest and Lux’s old friend?!

I Hear the Sunspot: Limit Volume 2

Kohei is a college student who, because of his hearing loss, tends to distance himself from others. His attitude starts to change after he crosses paths with an ever-optimistic classmate named Taichi. And over time, the two begin to develop feelings for each other.