Ah, the Poké Ball shirt! The sign of a skilled trainer. Just don’t throw your shirt at a wild Pokémon. Unless you’re on Bourbon Street in New Orleans where that sort of thing happens. But make sure it’s an actual Pokémon you’re throwing it at and not just some drunk weirdo in a mask.

This long-sleeved red tee has a white outline of a Poké ball printed on the front. It won’t catch any monsters, unless maybe you yourself count as one. *peers suspiciously through monitor*

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Captain America Shield Hat

We’ve seen Captain America wear many hats, but the ballcaps in the Marvel movies all make a very special statement. And that statement is: wearing a hat doesn’t make you look suspicious or noticeable at all.

Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Knee High Socks

“The hardest choices require the strongest wills.” 
– Thanos

Venom All Over Slime Backpack

“I have absolutely no problem with you sticking around, but if you do, we’re gonna have some ground rules, all right? You cannot just go around eating anybody that you want to.”
– Eddie Brock