If you’ve read our other Catan entries, you’re probably aware that we tend to take boardgames pretty seriously. And by seriously, we mean sabotage to the extreme. But somehow that seems wrong when we’re dealing with Starfleet and the Prime Directive… so we’re going to take a more traditional approach to this one.

Nope. We can’t do it. We know it’s wrong, but all the dilithium is ours! Fire phasers in all directions. We may only be in the 23rd century, but it’s time to form the Maquis early.

Taking place during TOS, Star Trek Catan is all about exploring space and building outposts and starbases. Mine important resources, but take care to adhere to Starfleet regulations when making first contact. While exploring space, you might even meet some recognizable characters, so make sure Uhura is ready to open communications.

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