Who would have thought that one of the most epic battles in the galaxy would involve distractingly adorable Ewoks? And it would also give us a surprisingly romantic moment between a princess and a smuggler. After all, as soon as the Battle of Endor was won, one of the greatest loves in cinematic history was finally sealed with solid communication and a kiss (well… after an uncomfortable conversation about kissing siblings). But today, that love can finally be yours to keep, or to give away to your favorite scruffy nerf herder.

Cuddle up with the whole crew from the Battle of Endor including: Chewbacca, Leia, Han Solo, C3-P0, R2-D2 and more  in this exclusive plush bouquet. You’ve got your Rebel Alliance folks and Empire baddies here to tell that special someone that the couple that destroys shield generators together, stays together. 

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Super Mario Bros. Silver Glossary 11 oz. Mug

Take a break from your quest to rescue Princess Peach from that pesky King Koopa and enjoy a nice cuppa in this classy Super Mario Bros. Glossary Mug. Ahh… that’s more like it. Hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe. Do not microwave.

Minecraft Light-Up Enchanted Apple

Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to craft an Enchanted Apple yourself. It used to take 648 Gold Nuggets just to make one of these, but now you just have to be fortunate enough to come across one. That’s a lot of patience for Absorption IV, Regeneration II, Resistance, and a Fire Resistance buff. But it’s worth it for the ability to take a stroll through some lava.  

Star Wars Empire Panini Press

Search your feelings, you know it to be true… you’ve always wanted your food to be on the dark side, haven’t you? We have. And now that we have this panini press, we’re never going back to the Jedi temple. We guess we’re just not strong enough to resist the deliciousness.