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Batman: Arkham Knight Deathstroke 1:10 Scale Statue – Free Shipping

This excellently detailed statue from Iron Studios showcases supervillain Deathstroke from the popular Batman: Arkham Knight video game. Made of polystone and is hand painted, the Batman: Arkham Knight Deathstroke 1:10 Scale Statue measures about 7 7/10-inches tall. Gamers, DC Comics fans, and Batman admirers will definitely want this on their desk or shelf!

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Batman #28

‘THE WAR OF JOKES AND RIDDLES’ part four! War is hell. Unless it’s in Gotham City, where it’s so much worse. The clash between The Joker and the Riddler continues to escalate, with the rest of the city’s villains picking sides and joining in.

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Batman Slide Sandals

It’s been a long hard night of cleaning up the streets of Gotham, and, frankly, you’re pooped. You’ve been running all over the city, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, and slamming your foot on the Batpedal of the Batmobile. As you drag yourself back into the Batcave, you just can’t wait to get those darned Batboots off, and slip your feet into something low tech and comfortable.

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Batmobile with Classic Batman and Robin Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set

Pop the CAPED CRUSADER™ and the BOY WONDER™ into this fantastic BATMOBILE™, and get ready for fun! Inspired by the classic BATMOBILE™ from DC Comics, the Batmobile with Classic Batman and Robin Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set consists of a retro-styled, wooden vehicle and two individually numbered 2-inch scale wooden figures from the Bif Bang Pow!

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Batman The Dark Knight Harvey Dent MAFEX Action Figure – Free Shipping

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Form The Dark Knight movie comes this Harvey Dent Two-Face Miracle Action Figure EX. Standing approximately 6 1/2-inches tall, Harvey Dent comes with 2x heads and 2x upper body to recreate realistic scenes from the movie! Harvey Dent also comes with interchangeable wrist parts and includes an action figure stand.

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Batman #27

‘THE WAR OF THE JOKES AND RIDDLES’ part three! The war has spread to every corner of Gotham City, and while Batman battles back the forces of Joker and Riddler, an unlikely criminal becomes the pivotal key to its potential resolution… but it could cost him everything.

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