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DC Designer Series Supergirl by Stanley Lau Statue – Free Shipping

Supergirl goes casual! Supergirl by Stanley Lau – It doesn’t get any better than that! Based on a piece from renowned artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau and sculpted by James Marsano, this 12 1/2-inch tall statue features Supergirl dressed in a fan-favorite alternate and more casual take on her costume. Her traditional armor-clad blue top and red skirt are replaced with a white crop-top and a blue skirt.

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DC Lil Bombshells Series 3 Mini Vinyl Figure Display Case – Free Shipping

The men have decided to join the DC Lil Bombshells party! Series 3 adds 11 unique figures, including Batman, Superman, and The Joker. Don’t worry: DC’s fantastic female heroes and villains are still around and are more explosive than ever! Harley Quinn is back-this time, with her two hyenas- and is joined by Powergirl, Raven, Stargirl, and more. Each 2 3/4-inch tall figure comes packaged inside Cryptozoic’s signature collectible, blind-reveal tin. 

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Border Town #3

The crazy old lady known only as La Curandera tells a tale that begins 500 years ago in the Aztec Empire at the peak of its strength and ends in her dirty little Arizona gift shop with four kids and a wayward Chupacabra, all of whom are meant to save the world from an ancient evil. Alas, it’s a school night. But our heroes defy their destinies at tremendous cost when a new and yet very familiar foe is revealed.

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DC Designer Series Red Hood by Kenneth Rocafort Statue – Free Shipping

Inspired by his amazing work during his run as artist on Red Hood and the Outlaws, Kenneth Rocafort’s art style is perfectly represented in this 12-inch scale Red Hood statue, which features a super-dynamic pose of Red Hood leaping into the air with both guns drawn. The DC Designer Series Red Hood by Kenneth Rocafort Statue measures slightly under 13-inches tall and is made of poly resin. 

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DC Classic Harley Quinn Vinyl Figure

Harley Quinn has been around for over 25 years and she is as crazy as ever! This 7-inch tall vinyl figure pays tribute to the character’s origins by depicting her in her classic red-and-black jester costume, the same outfit she wore when she was introduced in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. She playfully holds her signature mallet behind her back as a reminder that, when Harley is around, mayhem is always just moments away! The vinyl figure is packaged inside a window display box.

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DC Cover Girls Batgirl by Joelle Jones Statue – Free Shipping

It’s selfie time, Batgirl of Burnside style! Eisner Award-nominated artist Joelle Jones brings her unique style to the DC Cover Girls line with this premium 9-inch tall polyresin Batgirl sculpted by Jack Mathews. Limited to 5,000 pieces, this dynamic version of Batgirl displays Jones’s uncanny ability to capture energy and expression. The Dc Cover Girls Batgirl by Joelle Jones Statue stands slightly over 9-inches tall.

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DC Injustice Harley Quinn Vinimate Vinyl Figure

The DC Vinimates line returns to the world of DC Comics-inspired video games with this Harley Quinn vinyl figure based on the world of Injustice! Harley Quinn comes in her game-specific outfit and is holding a gun. Harley Quinn stands approximately 4-inches tall and is sculpted in a block-figure style. Harley Quinn comes packaged in a full-color window box.

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DC Super Powers Collection Joker Maquette Statue – Free Shipping

This DC Super Powers Collection Joker Maquette Statue is no laughing matter! The Clown Prince of Crime is presented at a cool 15 1/2-inches tall and is crafted in quality polystone. The Joker is seen in his iconic purple outfit and is holding a handful of joker playing cards with his right hand, and his mallet in his left hand. The detailed base also includes a couple of laughing gas tanks. The translucent green plume of laughing gas even has a couple of cards embedded throughout.

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DC Justice League The Animated Series Series 1 Superman Statue with Collector Magazine #1

Inspired by the fan-favorite Justice League animated TV series, this figurine collection features all of the team’s iconic heroes sculpted in the unique style of the show and finished with bold, bright colors. This miniseries is a must-have for any fan of the series and true collectors of DC figures. The DC Justice League The Animated Series Series 1 Superman Statue stands about 5-inches tall. Ages 14 and up.

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