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Marvel Black Panther Front Handle Backpack

Since Shuri pioneered Vibranium fashion, it was only a matter of time before Vibranium made its way into all sorts of accessories and bags. And at first it was sleek, stylish, and super expensive, but then problems started to arise. The designers of these items GREATLY underestimated how often people tend to throw their bags on the ground, causing massive disruptions to hotels, homes, and schools all over the world. Because of these issues, we’ve decided to embrace the Vibranium look and use a different material. You’re welcome.

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LEGO 76124 Marvel Super Heroes War Machine Buster

Storm into battle against the Outriders and save Ant-Man with the LEGO 76124 Marvel Super Heroes War Machine Buster. This awesome posable mech features an opening mini-figure cockpit, 6-stud rapid shooter, 2 detachable stud-shooting cannons, 2 flick missiles, gripping hands and an opening storage compartment for extra ammo.

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Marvel Black Panther Hat

Sometimes putting on a superhero costume just takes too long. And you can’t always wear it under your clothes (especially in summer). So, the only option left is to either make your superhero costume extremely casual (but what’s the fun in that?), or to accessorize with a hat.

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Marvel Captain America Keychain

That’s America’s… keychain
Your current keychain is doing nothing for your keys. It’s time for an upgrade, and as far as we’re concerned, this is America’s keychain.

This Marvel Captain America Keychain makes our keys somehow look more toned and firmer. And lately we’ve been getting lots of compliments from Ant-Man. Such a nice guy, but we’ve never heard someone talk so much about a keychain before.

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Marvel: Captain Marvel Bracelets

Captain Marvel showed us the importance of taking a moment to coordinate your costume. And no, it’s not out of vanity. You’re choosing what you represent, so it’s important to make the right statement. Why not select some Captain Marvel iconography? We could all use a bit more “Higher, Further, Faster” in our lives.

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Daredevil #6

Daredevil has disappeared from Hell’s Kitchen – and in his absence the real devils are just starting to come out to play… Rated T+

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Marvel: Captain Marvel Heat Change Goose Mug

We think it’s safe to say that Goose is our favorite space-faring cat in the world… maybe even the galaxy. But we’ve got this really important question: do you think Goose would mind wearing a matching Captain Marvel costume? For safety reasons, we don’t want to make Goose angry. (We’re kind of attached to all of our body parts.)

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Marvel Spider-Man Head Sculpt Mug

What does Spider-Man think about all day? School? Joining the Avengers? Whether he’s going to have an accidental wardrobe malfunction? Trying to balance all the demands of life while being a superhero must be hard, and (for once) we’re glad we don’t have that added responsibility. But this is the next best thing.

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Marvel Thanos Gauntlet Pendant

The Infinity Gauntlet is a lot. A lot of power, a lot of metal… just A LOT, and it’s not very portable either. There’s a reason everyone struggles to get it away from Thanos. But what if it were just a tad bit smaller? Like maybe if it were, say 1/14 of the size it’d be easier to wield (and carry).  

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Spider-Man Marvel Comic Gallery Black Cat Statue

Don’t let her cross your path! Or do! Since it’s not your safe she’s cracking in to, you won’t mind seeing this sculpture of the Marvel Universe’s resident cat burglar crouching on your shelf. Caught in the light of the Spider-signal, Spider-Man’sfrenemy the Black Cat wears her classic costume, and is cleaning out a safe of cash and gold. This 9-inch scale PVC statue is made of high-grade plastic with detailed paint applications.

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