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Deadpool #36

SECRET EMPIRE AFTERMATH! Everything works out great and Deadpool gets a happy ending! Wait…are we allowed to lie in solicits? We are, right?

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America #6

America reconnects with a childhood crush – but kissing is not what Magdalena has in mind! Can Kate Bishop pull America out of the ring before Magdalena’s mysterious employers spring their trap?

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Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #6

With enemies bearing down on him from every side, Ben Reilly’s running out of options and running out of time!
It doesn’t help that one of the people out for Ben’s blood is his spider-powered web-slinging sibling KAINE! Rated T+

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Daredevil #25

‘SUPREME’ REACHES ITS TURNING POINT! MATT MURDOCK’s gambit reaches its endgame……but will this be the victory he was looking for, or the start of something far worse? Rated T+

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Defenders #4

The streets of the Marvel Universe have exploded into chaos, and the only thing standing in between the innocent people of New York and that chaos are the Defenders.

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