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Star Wars Imperial Crest Hat

Thanks for stopping by the Death Star II’s gift shop! We’re sure glad you decided to visit us while we’re working on constructing the rest of the station. But don’t worry, we’ve got the important things up and running. Not the shield though. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite us.  

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Star Wars Luke Skywalker Crystal Pendant Necklace

This is a lovely example of upholding tradition by passing down a lightsaber crystal from Master to Padawan. Father to Son. Except here, you know… the enemy of the Republic happens to be your father who you thought was dead this whole time. Cosmic destiny sure can be cruel.

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Star Wars Yoda Crystal Pendant Necklace

A green lightsaber makes a certain sense for Yoda… it coordinates with his whole ethos and somewhat matches his greenish-gold eyes. We know Jedi don’t match their blade colors with their eyes, but let’s just consider this a fashionable coincidence.

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LEGO Star Wars Yoda Minifigure Clock

The must-have bedroom accessory for any Star Wars fan, this LEGO Star Wars Yoda Minifigure Clock is an easy gift for anyone with a friend or family member who craves everything Star Wars. With movable arms, Yoda is interactive enough to be fun in his own right, and the digital display below his chest lights up in red when you push down on the 9-inch tall guy’s head.

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Star Wars Sohei Darth Maul Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure – Free Shipping

Darth Maul joins the Star Wars Meisho Movie Realization series! The Star Wars Sohei Darth Maul Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure is designed by sculptor Takayuki Takeya. “Sohei” means warrior monk in Japanese, a perfect fit for this fanatical character. His trademark lightsabers have become a halberd and his face evocative of a fierce Japanese mask. The figure includes 4x optional pairs of hands, plus twin sword-halberd. Measures about 6 7/10-inches tall. Ages 15 and up.

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Star Wars Endor Leia Bag

Sometimes it’s hard to find a place to keep our blasters, lightsabers, and Death Star schematics. Sure, in a pinch you can fit some of it in an R2 unit, but we’d be comfortable if it was more accessible. After all, we’re on Endor and the terrain isn’t optimized for R2-D2. He’s fallen over so many times we’re thinking about towing him on the back of our speeder. 

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Star Wars Rebel Alliance Special Forces Rucksack

Pack it up! We’re deploying to Endor in the morning, and you need to find a bag big enough for the essentials with extra space for a small teddy-bear like lifeform. Hypothetically. We’re not telling you to take an Ewok back with you, but… if you find your Ewok BFF, you’ll have the option. 

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Star Wars Rebel Alliance Commando Camo Hat

If you want to blend in on Endor, camo is the way to go. Actually… it’s really the only way to go. Unless you want to try to pass yourself off as an Ewok. But some of us are tall(ish), so that’s not really an option. Plus, this hat seems much more comfortable than a hairy costume in a forest environment.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Comic T-Shirt

There’s just something about manga that makes us feel like we’re experiencing the most familiar titles for the first time. Even something as iconic as Star Wars seems like an entirely different story when we’re reading though the manga version.

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