Captain America’s shield is the ultimate multi-tasking weapon, it’s his defense and his offense. So it just makes sense that the samurai version of Captain America would find multiple uses for anything he’s carrying.  Decorative star emblazoned on chest? Nope… it’s doing double duty as a shuriken.

Designed by Takeya Takayuki, Samurai Captain America stands at almost seven inches tall and includes a sword, sheath, shield, and four pairs of interchangeable hands. Considering Captain America’s perfect aim, the shuriken makes a terrifying addition to his arsenal.

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Mobile Suit Gundam – HGUC Narrative Gundam C Packs Model Kit

Do you know what happens when you upgrade mobile suits? They usually get bigger, more colorful, and infinitely more awesome. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not hating on the original design of the Narrative, but the C Pack adds a little something extra to it (besides power).  

Mobile Suit Gundam – MG Gundam Dynames Model Kit

Mobile suits are fun in theory, until you realize that the people who use them are putting their lives on the line. If only there was a way to keep our mobile suits away from everyone else, but still contribute to the cause. Like, it’d be perfect if we could be a sniper that launches surprise confetti at others. We could potentially feel safe with that.  

Mobile Suit Gundam – MG Gundam AGE II Magnum Model Kit

When it comes to building mobile suits, Kyoya Kujo is one of the best. We wish we could get him to design a custom mobile suit for us. It’d probably look a lot like Timmy. And the tail would be a beam sword or something. We’re going to go ahead and work on some concept art just in case he ever returns our calls.