Mitsuki goes to Yggdrasil alone?!
In order to protect his new family, the Wolf Clan, Yuuto has decided to return to Yggdrasil with Mitsuki, now his sworn partner for life. The two of them manage to deliver the news to their respective families, and at last the night of the summoning ritual arrives.
However, something strange and unexpected occurs! Due to interference by Sigyn, the Panther Clan’s master of magical arts, Mitsuki is sent to Yggdrasil by herself.
The two lovers are once again separated across time and space; what fate awaits them?

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Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru, Vol. 1

Only the most powerful warriors are able to transcend their human bodies and become something even greater—samurai. Samurai carry special souls within themselves and can travel through space as easily as walking the earth. Hachimaru has always dreamed of becoming a samurai, but he’s as weak as they come. He’s so sickly that he can’t even eat solid foods. Being too weak to leave the house may have turned Hachimaru into an expert at video games, but with enough heart, could he become a true samurai?

Transformers: The Manga, Vol. 1

In this collector’s volume, the Autobots and their young friend Kenji must stand tall against the Decepticons in an interplanetary conflict! These classic stories are from the dawn of the Transformers, and this volume contains thrilling tales such as “The Great Transformer War” and “Fight! Super Robot Life-Form Transformers!”—plus an extensive art gallery!

Levius/est, Vol. 3

Levius, now a Grade I fighter, must battle the undefeated Emperor on the greatest stage, the Southern Slam. During the preliminaries, A.J. discovers that her younger brother, Balthus, is competing and fighting his way up. His abnormal strength is mysterious and disturbing. What has he done to himself for the sake of competing in Mechanical Martial Arts?!