Rick Grimes is ready to fight! But when people fight, people die. Especially on a show with the word “Dead” in the title. So while we’re all excited to see the battle finally joined when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Feb. 12, there is a sense of apprehension that accompanies it because one can’t help but assume that not everybody will survive the war.

We spoke to star Andrew Lincoln to get his take on what Rick’s new mission means for those he is trying to protect. Must they be put in harm’s way to achieve the greater good? And what happens when Rick’s son Carl wants to join the fight? How does Papa Grimes handle that? “Everybody knows that when war is called, there’s going to be bloodshed,” says Lincoln.

Here’s what else he had to say about what’s coming up.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We spoke a little bit about this already, but what was it like getting the gang back together for the second half of the season?
ANDREW LINCOLN: Certainly the Hilltop reunion was a breath of fresh air. I know speaking for me and also Norman, both he and I had the proverbial stuff kicked out of us most of last season. And you know, it was just the one glimmer of hope in a very bleak and dark time for Rick and the crew. And we spoke about it a little bit that now you’re going to see different facets of Rick. You’re going to see a much lighter Rick because the thrill of the fight is on and I think that there’s a freedom that you’re going to see within him and maybe more of a political side to his nature.

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