Sherlock Frankenstein & the Legion of Evil is the first in a number of series exploring the larger universe beyond Spiral City and Black Hammer Farm, the place where superheroes go when they can’t save the world anymore. Written by Lemire with art by Spanish illustrator David Rubin, Sherlock Frankenstein sees a reporter try to uncover the secrets behind the villains of the city, only to discover that some things might have been better left in the dark.

Aquaman #35

‘KINGSLAYER’ part one! After King Rath discovers that Arthur is still alive, he sends Aquaman’s former ally Murk to finish the job – or else be executed as a traitor!

Antar #1 (Cover A – Battle)

Honor through perseverance. Legacy through diversity. IDW Publishing is proud to present the epic story of one of history’s greatest warriors and finest poets: Antar the Black Knight.

30 Days of Night #5 (of 6) (Cover B – Kowalski & Folny)

It’s an all-out attack as marauding vampires literally tear the town of Barrow apart! But will their bloody rampage be stopped short by a mystery faction?