My first online comic comes to Kindle! Read the ebook graphic novel of the first adventures of the gang from the Time Travelers Pub. Our story centers around a mysterious group of time travelers and a young contemporary man who gets caught up in this world, changing his life in ways he couldn’t imagine. Tyler is in his late 20’s, working at a mundane job he can’t stand, one fateful day a mysterious women (Miko) enters his life and brings him through time, introducing him to a place where time travelers meet and tell stories of their adventures. This was just the thing Tyler was looking for. Except they all think he is someone else, and may be the one person who can change history, add that to a strange villain cyborg hunting Miko, he may have considered not wishing for a more exciting life.

I decided to make this comic as a way to grow my art. During the book you will see style changes, I tried to keep a similar style even though my skill had been growing, and you will be able to tell that it was getting more difficult to do so. I wanted to take some time off and come back to this after some other projects. So if you like it, stay tuned, and let me know, if you want to see the further adventures.

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The Voynich Hotel Vol. 1

After a series of tragic events, Taizou decides to make a break with his past and go on a vacation to the tiny island nation of Blefusco. Little does he know that his hotel is a hot spot for contract killers, drug dealers, ghosts, and a coven of immortal witches. So much for rest and relaxation…

SerVamp Vol. 11

C3 is in a state of collapse — literally! As the facility comes down around them, Wrath asks Tsurugi to become her Eve, but he’s not so sure he has what it takes. Meanwhile, Mahiru is on a search and rescue mission. With the building on the bring of destruction and other dangers on the loose, it’s only a matter of time before he needs rescuing, too!

Sunshine Sketch, Vol. 9

Whether it’s an unexpected encounter at a college visit, a swimsuit shopping trip, or school trips to Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka, the days are getting a little more out of the ordinary! And with their new Hidamari Apartments resident, Matsuri, the fun never stops!