Before Star Wars, most science fiction films opted for shiny spaceships and gleaming gadgets. But George Lucas wanted his “galaxy far, far away” to have a history – one mostly unknown to the audience, but visible. He wanted vehicles, tech, weapons, even clothing to look (borrowing Luke’s words to C-3PO) as though they’d “seen a lot of action.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens returned to this “used universe” aesthetic. The X-wing pilot’s helmet Rey salvaged on the backwater, battle-scarred world of Jakku is a perfect example.

Stained and scorched, its once proud colors fading, the helmet is past its prime. But despite its poor condition, it’s one of Rey’s most prized possessions. She’ll wear it after long days of scouring spaceship wrecks and imagine what life was like for the Rebel Alliance’s high-flying heroes.

The prop replica masters at ANOVOS Productions have recreated Rey’s salvaged X-wing pilot helmet in exacting detail. Fashioned from sturdy ABS plastic and adjustable for maximum comfort, the helmet sports the insignia of the Tierfon Yellow Aces. This crack starfighter squadron counted among its members such pilots as Jek Porkins (killed in action over the first Death Star after joining Red Squadron) and this helmet’s owner, Captain Dosmit Ræh, whose last name is emblazoned on its sides in scraped and chipped blue Aurebesh characters.

Based on digital scans of the prop used on screen, this replica helmet is painted to match the original in every way. Its interior is fully lined and includes two comlink booms and earcup cushions. It comes fully assembled, complete with attached visor.

So far, neither we nor Rey knows much about Captain Ræh. But according to Rey’s Survival Guide, Rey enjoyed making up stories about who the captain was and what world she came from. Maybe she even named herself after the pilot, and her true name awaits revelation. But we can infer from her helmet’s battered appearance that Captain Ræh fought hard for freedom.

It only looks worse for wear. Like any collectible you get from Entertainment Earth, this helmet will reach you in guaranteed mint condition. Claim your salvaged helmet prop replica now, and get ready to make up your own exciting stories about the epic struggle against the Empire!

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