An earlier rumor hit the net stating Marvel Comics is rethinking their current strategy and will be going back to use of their iconic characters.

Now another rumor from Bleeding Cool is stating Wolverine will be back in the comics and also that a new X-Men cartoon series is being planned.

Long story short, Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter has been at odds with Fox Studios over use of the Marvel characters, which saw Fantastic Four and X-Men comics and merchandise cancelled, but Perlmutter’s resentment seems to have subsided. Marvel Comics/TV is now working with Fox on the X-Men TV series, and the X-Men are coming back to the comics.

According to the report, Marvel Comics recently held a creative summit where it’s said the X-Men will be returning to the comics, the X-Men will get a new animated series, new merchandise, and Wolverine will return.

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